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What We Are
Deluxe Technologies is a development service center established to help companies develop products from conceptual models to short-run manufacturing. Our expertise is in Model Making, Precise Complex Machining, Rapid Prototyping and Tooling.

We develop a relationship with our clients and don’t just make parts. We review the requested components and guide you through the process, making recommendations as we go. As part of our design review process we work directly with you on ways to enhance product performance,reliability as well as cost reductions.

We are now ISO certified ISO 9001:2015
3D Scanning
Our Laser scanner plays a key role in quality assurance. 3D digital capture of shapes and surfaces using lasers is an effortless and precise process. The industry uses laser scanners primarily for the quality control of geometries and surface, but also for reverse engineering, fit and finish, and assembly applications.3D Scanning